Del Toro is – at heart – a global brand. In creating the company, our founder Matthew Chevallard utilized his Italian heritage, drew influence from New York and Japanese style, and blended it together with a South Floridian prep aesthetic. While headquartered in Miami, Florida, Del Toro’s influence reaches across the globe.

By using the hashtags #DTOUTHERE and #DELTOROSHOES on Instagram, our fans are able to share their best footwear, style and adventure shots. Join us in taking a trip Around the World in Del Toro Shoes.

@diegooka keeps his Chukka Sneakers dry while exploring a flooded market in Bangkok, Thailand:


Italian National Team and S.S. Lazio soccer star Ciro Immobile rocks his Chukka Sneakers while on vacation in Spain:


@the.only.tactic showcases his Chukka Sneakers with Gold Trek Sole on St. Kitts in the Caribbean:

the only tactic

@bertalot7 shares a view of his Chukka Sneakers in red quilted leather while relaxing in the Swiss Alps:


@martaoffidani kicks back in her quilted leather Chukka Sneakers on Lake Como in northern Italy:


@k_wood87 stays cool by the Indian Ocean while wearing a pair of Chukka Sneakers on the East-African island of Mauritius:


@_ale__ca stunts in a pair of metallic gold Chukka Sneakers while walking the streets of Monte Carlo, France:

ale ca

@tuckstyles pulls out a pair of all-red Boxing Sneakers for a sunny afternoon in Georgetown, Washington DC:


@satie_san chooses a pair of beaded tan Chukka Sneakers for walking the streets of Tokyo, Japan:

satie san

@omaneto cleans up in a tan pair of linen Slippers for a night out in Bogotá, Colombia:


@patmadd chose the navy camouflage Chukka Sneakers for a sunny day in Buenos Aires, Argentina:


@bezthebrest kills it in the black quilted leather Chukka Sneakers while exploring Lake Como in Northern Italy:


Keep using #DTOUTHERE and #DELTOROSHOES for a chance to be featured in the next installment of Del Toro Around the World.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @deltoroshoes and stay tuned to the Del Toro Lifestyle Blog for more.



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