Continuing the storied eight-year tradition, this year Del Toro will collaborate with artist Brent Wadden, as one of its 2017 Art Basel collaborations. Brent Wadden is a Canadian artist who Del Toro Creative Director and President, Matthew Chevallard, has a fondness for and started collecting his works two years ago.  Del Toro’s refined contemporary vision, and Wadden’s detailed oriented yet simplistic aesthetics pair perfectly in these two Chukka designs. As seen by Chevallard,

”I have an affinity for textile-based art mainly due to my passion for footwear and clothing. Brent handlooms all his pieces and each piece convey a celebration of craftsmanship with each being entirely unique.”

Wadden is known for his passion for combining folk, modern, and fine art intricately in his works. He is a graduate of Novia Scotia College of Art and Design, and his exhibitions have been showcased around the world since early 2004, excelling in woven paintings that feature a variety of both geometric, and aesthetic constructions in his craft.

Describing the process of this collaboration he says:

“I found it to be incredibly fitting to work with Brent on translating his work to our Chukka. I utilized a full-embroidered back panel so as to translate his weaving process with suede paring in an indigo and black set of colorways,”.

Here are both the designs for the 2017 collaboration:



Del Toro will be launching the Del Toro X Brent Wadden collection on December 7th, 2018, at The Webster: 1220 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Florida. The limited Chukkas will retail for $425 each. You could also find them here at

The invite for this exclusive release is below.






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