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Guess what? A new artist collaboration is dropping at Del Toro. Be the first to get your hands on the Del Toro x Burton Morris shoes. If you are into bold, graphic pop art, then this collection is definitely going to be your style. If you love fashion and art, the perfect way to combine the two is with Burton Morris shoes. It’s literally like wearing a famous work of art on your feet. If you don’t know who Burton Morris is, there’s still time to get caught up before the shoes are released. Here’s what you need to know.


Who is Burton Morris? If you are new to this artist, he’s best known for featuring various modern icons in his artwork. You’ll know a Burton Morris piece by its vivid colors and radiant black outlines of the subject matter. Furthermore, Morris’ artwork has been featured everywhere from episodes of the iconic sitcom “Friends” to the FIFA World Cup and the US Olympic Team. He’s also worked with other fashion brands like Chanel and Rolex. Del Toro is excited to bring you exclusive Burton Morris shoes in our upcoming collection.

What’s Next?

We teased a preview of our Del Toro x Burton Morris shoes with the popcorn velvet slippers released exclusively for Moda Operandi in two different colors (black and burgundy). This is just a sampling of what’s to come. We are using more of his iconic works to create an exciting Burton Morris shoe capsule with this talented artist.

What, exactly are the new shoes going to look like? Well, for that you are going to have to stay tuned and check back soon to see what’s going on. In the meantime, shop some of our current artist collaborations, including those from Brent Wadden and Richard Woods.

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