On October 21, 2016, our founder and creative director Matthew Chevellard had the pleasure to partake on a panel hosted by Miami Dade College. The event foucsed on the realm of “Fashion Meets Business Symposium” and was held at the downtown Wolfson Campus.

Chris Yura, Matthew Chevallard
Chris Yura, Matthew Chevallard

The event was curated through prominent entrepreneurs and thought-leaders from local start-ups in the Miami fashion world.

Matthew was able to represent the Del Toro brand in new heights by giving back to creative minds that may soon one day dominate the fashion markets. It was a pleasure to give inquiring minds informative information and give back to the community of entrepreneurs.

The Miami Fashion Institute at Miami Dade College will prepare its students in the fashion industry with skills and hand-on experience in the workforce. Del Toro will do its part and continue to inspire and motivate those who are committed to the journey.





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