Unless you are the second coming of Casanova or indulge in late night Tinder activities, your bedroom probably doesn’t get as many visitors as the rest of your home.

In fact, since the average human spends a third of their life asleep, it’s safe to say that your bedroom is underwhelming. All judgments aside, we believe you should invest in some bedroom-boosting basics. Below are some of our favorites.

1. Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sony Ultra

An exclusive art piece is cool to hang on the wall, but how about a Sony projector that allows you to turn your wall space into a window or movie theater? If you think this might be too big for your room, think again, as it sits just seven inches from the wall.

Available Here: Sony.com

2. Nest Thermostat


What could be better than to control your home temperature via smart phone? This device learns your preferred home temperature, can be  easily installed, is remote controlled via WIFI, and saves energy and money towards your bill.

Available Here: Nest.com

3. Sense


This tennis-ball sized gadget may seem like a molded rubber band ball, but will surely become one of your most cherished bedroom possessions.

Place this sphere on your beside table, attach its quarter-sized companion on your pillow and be amazed as it tracks your sleep patterns. By doing so, it will be able to identify the best time in your sleep cycle to gently wake you up with ambient sounds. Sounds like being awakened by an Angel right? This will ensure you awaken well-rested and relaxed, instead of an annoying smart phone alarm clock.

Available Here: Hello.is

4. DENY Covers

DENY Designs

Those normal light-colored bed covers are nice for grandmother’s house, but when it comes to your bedroom, it’s all about statement bedding.

American art collective DENY is simple enough to ensure tranquil sleep, but also offers a bold, monochromatic design for leisure. You will be surprised how this cover can become eye-catching enough to be your centerpiece. If these designs do not catch your eye, check out their customization options!

Available Here: Denydesigns.com


5. Sonos Speakers


Delayed in updating your home sound system? Look into American made Sonos speakers. You can expect great sound and simple connectivity as standard and unique features measure the acoustics of your room.

These devices are affordable, possess excellent sound quality and are highly usable.

Available Here: Sonos.com



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