How to Wear Slippers – Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned slipper vet, putting on a pair of slippers can be a daunting task. What do I wear them with? Do I wear socks? What is this, velvet?

We’re going to make it simple; here are Del Toro’s 10 ways to wear slippers.

#1 The Tuxedo Slippers

Like Lennon and McCartney or PB and J, Black Velvet Slippers and the tuxedo were made for one another. Slip on your Del Toros to your next black tie event and feel your tux and your slippers work together in a magical pas de deux. Yes, we can use out of context French phrasing because we are wearing slippers.

#2 The Working Man’s Slippers

Office attire can get pretty monotonous. Spruce it up with a pair of Navy Velvet Loafers. And don’t listen to Steve in HR, the man is wearing pleated khakis.

10 Ways to Wear Slippers
Black Velvet Slippers with Skull & Bones

#3 The Casual Slippers

There is a large misconception floating around the slipper-sphere, and that is the idea that slippers are beholden to tuxedos and suits. False. Try sporting a pair of Navy or Green Camo Suede Slippers to dress up any jeans and t-shirt.

#4 The Groomsmen Slippers

On the biggest day of your life there is no one more significant than your bros… I mean fiancé. Anyway, deck out the groomsmen with matching monogrammed slippers for a complete sense of camaraderie and class.

#5 The Warm Weather Slippers

I apologize to all east-coasters and Scandinavians; I don’t mean to bring up the foreign feeling of warm weather. But for us down here in Miami and vacationers around the globe, the warm weather slipper is ideal. Check out our recently released Suede Everyday Loafer for a lighter take on the slip-on classic.

10 Ways to Wear Slippers
Scott Disick in Del Toro Custom Slippers

#6 The “Give Your Feet A Break” Women’s Slippers

I have never personally worn a pair of heels, but they sure do look uncomfortable. Mellow out any dress with a pair of our Mules.

#7 The House Slippers

For those of you who are in the colder regions of the world or simply have a proclivity for laziness, you may be dealing with the common, I-don’t-want-to-leave-the-house syndrome. We’ve been there. For all of your snow-day needs, check out a pair of Del Toro’s house slippers. Available for customization here.

#8 The “I Am A Basketball Player Sidelined By An Injury” Slippers

NBA players are known for rocking the slippers that many of us common-folk wouldn’t dare to. Let’s change that. Try out a flashier slipper like our Leopard or Sibilla prints and dare to be bold.

How to Wear Slippers
Daniela Botero in Del Toro Custom Slippers

#9 The Dog Lover Slippers

Love your dog so much that you can’t stand not to see their fluffy manes for one second? Us too. Check out our Black Velvet Dog Slipper or customize a pair with your pups face on them!

#10 The Nightlife Slippers

This is the pair of slippers that has taken a beating so that you could enjoy your night out. These slippers have been exposed to the elements, been splashed by copious amounts of tequila, and have stepped in god knows what.

We recommend a classic Black Velvet pair for lasting durability. And remember, always be grateful to your slippers.



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