In the 2016 playoffs, Russell Westbrook has worn everything from flowing, billowy pants to a shirt with a giant hole in the front — his shirts, pants, hats and shoes designed by many different people. I contacted five of the designers to get their takes on what Westbrook has confidently rocked throughout the NBA postseason.

Johnden Clark of Honorable Mention commented on six of his favorite outfits; twin brothers Ariel and Shimon Ovadia of OVADIA & SONS together commented on three of their favorites; David Osborne of the Bachar Collection commented on the shirt he designed that drew lots of attention from the NBA on TNT crew; and Matthew Chevallard of Del Toro commented on three of his favorites.

All of their responses were submitted via email and lightly edited.

Chevallard: “This Patagonia look is homage to our generation, which is really a retrospect to the 90s in how influential they were to our pop culture and style. I think he is going for the less is more kind of concept. He just wants to push the envelope and express his ability to move a lot of different ways.

“I feel here, too, his style represents his body of play, which is very aggressive, yet very versatile. I think the look with the bandana and the cut-off T-shirt, especially the 90s teal Patagonia represents his upbringing, which is a 90s child, a free spirit and an open-minded individual.”

 Chevallard: “This look has a similar 90s retrospect, which is a reoccurring theme with Russell’s looks. Here he wears the classic 90s denim wrangler, which is an incredible staple to anyone’s wardrobe, and brings in the summer and a fresh new mind as he pairs it with a comfortable, yet functional tank top with a subtly destructed jean. He’s cool, yet classic and refreshing.”

Chevallard: “The premise of this look is that figuratively what Russ represents is the modern man and in the sense, he can be absolutely progressive and confusing to the average guy, but then again he can pull off a look like this one that I believe that all different men can relate to and appreciate.

“In this picture, he’s wearing a lumber-like flannel, which any guy can have in his closet paired with a hoody, a gray T-shirt and our Del Toro pink suede panel hat, which is the big exclamation point to the whole outfit.

“This outfit to me is significant because it is very basic and understandable by anyone and lets his accessories do the talking. I think it is important to let your accessories represent your personality and your style, and let them do the accentuation.”

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