Growing up, a lot of kids watched our fathers get ready, whether it was for an important meeting or a night out on the town. Dads get a lot of heat for “dad” jeans, “dad” hats…. Dad bods. But they always rocked velvet slippers. Velvet slippers first became a fashionable style for men when Prince Albert, Prince Consort of the UK began wearing them in the late 1800’s. Thank Prince Albert and dad for teaching us early that fashion is important, and the enduring look of the iconic velvet Prince Albert slippers, timeless.

Prince Albert Velvet Slippers

For this Father’s day, Del Toro want to make sure that each and every dad is leaving the house looking fashionable. This goes from the board room to the country club. We have always based our brand on the idea that you can wear a velvet slipper at any time, anywhere, from jeans and a sportscoat to a tuxedo.

Velvet Prince Albert slippers have been around forever, pretty much as long as footwear has been around. Once reserved for royalty, today, the revival of the velvet slipper is exploding.  Slippers in the 1800’s were already a functional shoe for men. The roads at this time were still very dirty and had a lot of gravel so these slippers would be used by men to wear indoors so that they did not damage the floors. Prince Albert took this shoe and added his own flare to the shoes by adding luxury to the design.

Painting of Prince Albert Slippers

Prince Albert Slippers For The Everyday Gentlemen

As time went on celebrities, elites, and other influencers inspired the rise of the velvet slipper and the Del Toro brand refined and expanded the look for every man. Del Toro has revolutionized the velvet Prince Albert slippers. Although Velvet slippers are still worn in very formal settings, Del Toro has opened the door to incorporating this velvet slipper into very casual settings. More relevant and in demand than ever, every occasion Is the right choice for slipping into Del Toro slippers.   

Scott Disick in Custom Blue Velvet "Lord Disick" Del Toro Prince Albert Slippers

Del Toro has considered velvet Prince Albert slippers for every dad out there. We have styles ranging from classic black and navy blue velvet slippers for the elegant, old school dad; black velvet slippers with a gold Del Toro logo if your dad is a little “extra” and even, cognac suede loafers for an everyday chill, more casual dad.

So if you are stressing over what to give your dad this Father’s Day, you can relax.  Check out Del Toro and help your dad slip into something more comfortable. More refined and more stylish.  

If you don’t know how to style your slippers for summer, check out our top 5 styles.



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